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Public liability insurance: No business should be without it.

Public Liability Insurance Quote:

Public liability insurance is designed to protect your business should it face legal action as a result of any injury or illness sustained by a member of the public, a customer or a client.

Even though, for most businesses, it isn’t actually a legal requirement (unlike employers’ liability insurance which all employers are obliged by law to hold) almost any business would be running a very serious risk in operating without public liability insurance.

Imagine, for example, you run a shop. All it would take is for someone to enter your premises and slip on a wet floor and you could find yourself being sued. Alternatively if you run a restaurant, or indeed your business provides any kind of food, and a customer suffers food poisoning, the same thing could happen. Even if you operate entirely from office premises, all it need take is for a client to visit you and trip over a carelessly draped cable and, again, a lawsuit with your name on it could very quickly materialise.

Remember too that in this day and age people are being encouraged through just about every advertising medium to launch an apparently cost-free legal action on the smallest of pretexts. It sometimes seems that there’s no such thing as an accident anymore – there always someone to blame. And that means someone to sue.

Public liability insurance will provide the protection your business needs in the event that legal action is taken against you in such circumstances. You will be fully covered for the total amount of any claim awarded against you and for all the associated legal expenses up to the limit of the policy.

And on this site we’ve made it as simple as we can for you to set up your public liability insurance cover at the most competitive rates. Simply click on the button and receive a quote within seconds.

Public Liability Insurance Articles

Snowy weather raises Public Liability Insurance question … again

Along with the snow comes the vexed question of whether or not you should clear the white stuff from the pavement outside your home. In some countries there’s a legal obligation to do so but in the UK we’ve always been somewhat more reluctant. And often that reluctance is down to concerns about what will happen if, having cleared the snow, it then freezes over, a passer-by slips over and suffers an injury, and a lawsuit for damages duly follows. Most people don’t have the necessary public liability insurance to cover that eventuality.

In an article posted on, the current state of affairs is examined. And it’s a confusing one. In 2004, Labour’s then transport spokesman in the Lords said that householders could indeed be sued if pedestrians slipped on a pavement from which they had cleared the snow. But in 2010, the present Government issued a ‘snow code’ which suggested people shouldn’t take any notice of the “you’ll get sued” stories, implying there was no need for specific public liability insurance. However, the small print is hedged with provisos – “unlikely you’ll be sued” provided you’ve “cleared the path carefully”.

In other words, it seems that clearing the snow from the pavement outside your home could still be a risky undertaking without public liability insurance.

18-Feb-2012 Categories: Article, Personal Liability Insurance by Public Liability Insurance Brokers

Public Liability Insurance Requirement Reduced. (Doesn’t happen every day.)

Following a request by a taxi firm owner in Lincoln, California, the City Council took the unusual step of reducing the public liability insurance requirement for taxicabs – down to $1m from the previous $2m. The argument that won the day, put forward by the owner ArvinderBains, was that it was unreasonable for Lincoln to impose a higher public liability insurance requirement on taxicabs than the $1m asked for in San Francisco, Oakland and Daly County.  Currently working out of Roseville, Bains was keen to start running taxis to Lincoln.

18-Feb-2012 Categories: Article, Personal Liability Insurance by Public Liability Insurance Brokers

Apartment building owners in Australia may need more Public Liability Insurance than they thought

Owners of certain types of apartment building in Australia, known locally as strata schemes, are advised to think very seriously about the insurance implications of falls from balconies in an article posted on CEO of the Strata Community Association, Mark Lever, makes the point that whilst strata schemes are legally obliged to have public liability insurance of at least AUS$ 10m, the ultimate pay-out in compensation could be significantly higher in the tragic event that a child were to suffer serious brain injury for example following a fall.

Moreover, the situation could be aggravated in cases where the owners had already been advised of safety hazards such as low railings on balconies or windows not fitted with child safety locks. And the risks seem to be increasing not diminishing. An increasing number of young families are moving into apartments and, already, some three children every month are being treated at the two main children’s hospitals in Sydney for serious injuries resulting from building falls.

So it really would appear to be time for strata scheme owners to consider very seriously the level of public liability insurance they hold.

18-Feb-2012 Categories: Article, Personal Liability Insurance by Public Liability Insurance Brokers

Starting out in business? Don’t forget Public Liability Insurance..

The current economic climate is leading a lot of people to self-employment and starting up businesses. And a press release issued recently by Endsleigh Insurance gives five top tips for those who are just starting out on that road.

Number five, under the heading of ‘Protect Yourself’, highlights the importance of having the right insurance protection in place and recommends strongly that people should seek advice on the need for public liability insurance.

18-Feb-2012 Categories: Article, Personal Liability Insurance by Public Liability Insurance Brokers

Advice to landlords to ensure their insurance contains Public Liability

In an article posted on, guest columnist Angus Ryan takes a look at the types of insurance that any landlord should have. Of course he mentions buildings insurance and contents insurance for any personal items kept in a rented property. He also highly recommends legal expenses cover to protect you in the event that a tenant sues you or you need to take action against a tenant or ex-tenant. And, as you would expect, he stresses the importance of public liability insurance. Without it, if a tenant injures himself or herself in the property and can blame the accident on the landlord, the bill for compensation could be staggeringly high.

18-Feb-2012 Categories: Article, Personal Liability Insurance by Public Liability Insurance Brokers

Diamond Jubilee brings Public Liability Insurance back into the spotlight

It could be last year’s Royal Wedding all over again. Strong advice is being issued by to anyone thinking of organising a street party or similar to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee, particularly if their event is going to include food and drink for guests, any external suppliers including entertainers, or fireworks. And the advice is the same as it was last year: make sure you have adequate public liability insurance in place. If people are in doubt as to whether or not they need it, they should contact their local council.

The point is made that we now live in a society characterised by a new compensation culture. And organising an event without the protection of public liability insurance could prove very costly if accidents or illnesses occur and claims for damages start flying..

18-Feb-2012 Categories: Article, Personal Liability Insurance by Public Liability Insurance Brokers

Without public liability insurance, Halloween parties could end up scarier than expected

15-Nov-2011 Categories: Article, Personal Liability Insurance by Public Liability Insurance Brokers

If you\92re buying to let, don\92t forget the public liability insurance

15-Nov-2011 Categories: Article, Public Liability Insurance Quotes by Public Liability Insurance Brokers


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